Don’t Throw Banana Peel, Because You Can Use it For All Kinds of Things

Bananas are very delicious and healthy. They are rich with potassium, vitamin C and B6 and antioxidant properties. But, do we know enough about it’s peel, actually not too much. People always throw the peel and they are not aware that banana peel contains many health benefits and curing properties. As a fact, there are countries where people eat the banana peel because of it’s healthy benefits.

Here are the benefits of using banana peel:

 1. Teeth Whitening

Rub your teeth with banana peel every day for two weeks. Results will be evident pretty soon.

 2. Remove skin warts

Banana peel is very efficient in removing and preventing from warts. Put the peel over the wart and bandage it. Leave it overnight and repeat the process until the warts totally disappear.

 3. Wrinkle and acne free

Getting rid of wrinkles have never been easier. Just rub your skin with the peel and leave it for about 30 min. Because of it’s anti-aging properties, acne and wrinkles will disappear.

 4. Curing psoriasis

We know that psoriasis is autoimmune disorder and cannot be totally cured. But banana peel will soothe the symptoms.

 5. Acts as and analgetic

Painful areas on your body could be easily recovered by rubbing the peel on the affected areas.

 6. Losing weight

Banana peel could help you in losing weight. It contains 40% potassium which is very beneficial in boosting your metabolism and energy. It is also great for improving your immune system because the peel is rich with vitamin b and c.

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