A Quick Guide To Organic Skin Care

Awareness surrounding the benefits of going organic is on the rise, especially where the skin care and beauty industry is concerned. However, there are some facts that everyone needs to be aware of before purchasing proclaimed organic skin care products.

First, and most importantly, products claiming to be natural or even organic may not in fact actually be so. Organic products must meet with certain rules and regulations in order to market their products as such. For example, all ingredients contained in the skin care product must be natural and sourced from a verified and registered producer of organic plant sources.

These plant sources must be grown within the strict parameters of organic produce meaning that no man made pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers can be used during the growing process. The seeds cannot be genetically modified in any way and producers need to be aware of contamination from other environmental factors such as water.

No man made ingredients of any kind can be used in the product whatsoever. If a product contains a preservative, artificial color or fragrance or any other manufactured ingredient, it is not 100% organic.

To ensure that a skin care product is truly organic, look for FDA approval or the 100% organic mark on the product label. Products that display these marks are more likely to be inline with regulations. It may also be beneficial to read the ingredients listed on the label. Any ingredient that cannot be pronounced or that is too long to read is probably manufactured.


What Are The Benefits Of Organic Skin Care Products?

Mainstream cosmetics and skin care products contain loads of ingredients that may be toxic in nature. Toxins will not only affect the appearance of the skin but could promote early ageing and have severe short and long term health consequences.

Organic products contain none of these products and in fact have a reverse effect on the skin and body. They can detoxify and have anti-oxidant properties that are designed to reduce oxidation thereby delaying ageing and removing toxins from the body.

In the long run, using organic products is also better for the environment. All the chemicals contained in non-organic products contaminate the environment and the manufacturing process may also be hazardous.

There are a wide range of organic beauty products available and the variety is expanding as the demand for organic products grows. This means that there is a skin care range or product to meet the needs of different skin types or specific skin requirements.

Depending on the type of ingredients contained in the product, it can provide the benefit of anti-inflammatory properties, antiseptic properties and a range of additional advantages. Whatever an individual need may be, there is a skin care product that will address the issue in an all natural and healthier manner than can be achieved using man made products.

Always keep in mind that manufactured skin care products may deliver on short term promises but that there may be long term consequences while organic products are always healthy for the skin and body.

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